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11U Sorting Event - Miramichi

Friday 28 July 2017 08:00am
To Sunday 30 July 2017
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11U Sorting Tournament - July 28-30, 2017
6 Teams (Miramichi (H), Tracadie, Kent Sud, Caraquet, Beaubassin, Grand Falls)
  Day / jour time / heure away/visiteur   home/locale Field Name / nom de terrain
1 Friday/vendredi 13h00 Miramichi (A) @ Tracadie(B) Gretna Upper
2 Friday/vendredi 13h00 Bathurst (C ) @ Kent Sud(D) Gretna Lower
3 Friday/vendredi 16h00 Caraquet (E ) @ Grand Falls (F) Gretna Upper
4 Saturday/samedi 10h00 Tracadie(B) @ Bathurst (C ) Gretna Upper
5 Saturday/samedi 10h00 Kent Sud(D) @ Caraquet (E ) Gretna Lower
6 Saturday/samedi 12h30 Grand Falls (F) @ Miramichi (A) Gretna Upper
7 Saturday/samedi 12h30 Caraquet (E ) @ Tracadie(B) Gretna Lower
8 Saturday/samedi 15h00 Kent Sud(D) @ Grand Falls (F) Gretna Upper
9 Saturday/samedi 15h00 Bathurst (C ) @ Miramichi (A) Gretna Lower
10 Sunday/dimanche 10h00 Caraquet (E ) @ Bathurst (C ) Gretna Upper
11 Sunday/dimanche 10h00 Tracadie(B) @ Kent Sud(D) Gretna Lower
12 Sunday/dimanche 12h30 Bathurst (C ) @ Grand Falls (F) Gretna Upper
13 Sunday/dimanche 12h30 Miramichi (A) @ Kent Sud(D) Gretna Lower
14 Sunday/dimanche 15h00 Miramichi (A) @ Caraquet (E ) Gretna Upper
15 Sunday/dimanche 15h00 Grand Falls (F) @ Tracadie(B) Gretna Lower